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Digestive Health

Ancient History was my all time favourite subject in high school. As a student I learnt from Hippocrates that “all health begins in the gut”, thankfully science is now proving that this is indeed the truth.

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Food Intolerances

Food allergies are severe reactions that can even be life-threatening, sending someone to the hospital because they can't breathe. Food intolerances are a different matter. They are milder, but have a cumulative effect of provoking the immune system and increasing inflammation in the body.

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Your thyroid is an extremely important player in your overall health as unlike other hormones, receptors are found in every cell of your body, regulating function of every organ and system in the human body.

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Women's Health

As women take on more roles in their lives (career woman, bread winner, mother, caregiver, wife, girlfriend just to name a few) they have less time to take care of their own health. This can lead to stress, fatigue, digestive disturbances and more often than not hormonal imbalances.

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Children's Health

As a mother myself I understand the demands and lifestyle necessary to care for children. Parenting is hard and it’s difficult to find reliable information on the internet.

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For Brides

Do you dream of floating down the aisle glowing with health and vitality?

As Brides we often get caught up in the logistics of organizing the reception and beauty side without considering what effect the stress has on our judgements, health and beauty.

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