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Herbal supplements, vitamins & homeopathic remedies

At Luminous Health, I carefully choose the highest quality products available to naturopathic health care professionals. I am committed to the most effective and up-to-date treatments possible for my patients.

Herbal supplements, vitamins, and homeopathic remedies vary significantly in terms of purity, potency, and bio-availability (level of absorption). It is extremely difficult to determine the quality of a product by simply looking at the label. Many supplement manufacturers use additives—binders, paraffin coatings, flowing agents, and sometimes even shellac, which can make nutrients very difficult to absorb and even harmful. Other risks include poor potency, low quality manufacturing technology, and forms of raw ingredients that the body is unable to absorb—factors that can render supplements nutritionally useless. I understand that embarking on the process of achieving optimal health can sometimes mean a significant commitment in terms of time, energy, and finances. There is little point investing in supplements that do not work properly in the body.

At Luminous Health, I am careful to provide patients with natural supplements that reflect the highest standards of production and raw material selection.  Suppliers comply with TGA requirements and engage in a thorough process of research and analysis of both raw materials and the final product. The products I carry are intended for use by licensed health professionals and are, in many cases, designed to achieve specific results related to unique health conditions. They reflect the latest in nutritional science and high standards of quality control.

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